About me

Bjoern Diekert

My name is Bjoern Diekert, born in 1989, CEO and also front- and back-end developer for Borkenstein Plus. Right now I live in Bremen / Germany and work remotely.

On a daily basis, I work on making and improving software for companies by creating better and more understandable designs, creating robust and reliable structures, implementing ease workflows and automate steps in daily business.

For most of my projects, I rely on a typical web tool chest like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS / SASS, Javascript / jQuery. But that is only half of the game: designing server setups, Linux administration, BASH scripting and optimizing database interaction is crucial for performance and stability.

How it started

I got my first computer when I was six years old. It started out with playing games, but I always dreamt about creating something. When I was 10 I got my hands on Microsoft Frontpage and started out to do some very basic web pages. At first, it wasn't really writing code. I was tinkering around with onboard tools but never got to a point where I had something worthy to release. I also got into photography, learned how to edit my photos with Photoshop and submitted them for contests. I scored a second place once.

I started to work more professional when I was 15 by working for a small website company. I got my hands on interesting software, learned more about the design and coding. My first paid project was a simple flash animation.

In the years after my first project, I dipped my toe in everything that sparked an interest. But most of my time I've spent with designing websites and doing a lot of print designs.

With 18 the website company and I parted ways and I started my own websites business. I got more better with coding for front-end and later also for back-end. In 2010 I also got finally certified as a media designer.

Early 2010 I started I new company with my business partner Jan Borkenstein. In the first place for web- and print design, later we experimented with event management and a small clothing line.

In 2015 we decided to focus on our expertise in web design and coding. We renamed our company to Borkenstein Plus and started to work on bigger projects with more planning, bigger code bases, and even more statistics.