My gear and why this is the ultimate procrastination

Sometimes I wonder other people use for there work. Do people have a say when the company decide on new hardware/software or go they on the hunt by themselves?

Over the years I understood more and more that a new shiny thing (software or hardware) doesn't make a huge difference by themselves: your abilities are more important than the vehicle. But nonetheless, I like picking my tools and to spend hours to find the new shiny thing to "improve" my setup.

But exactly the urge to improve or upgrade my setup is pure procrastination. It starts small like a new keyboard or mouse but every now and then it's choosing a notebook or a new display. Hours of research, watching reviews on youtube and thinking about all the money. And sometimes your gear is just fine and doesn't really need replacement.

My taste and views changed over the years. I tried many platforms, consumer and business grade hardware and much more software.

In the end: the best gear is that what you already have and everything else is just a bonus.

My gear in August 2017

I have two desk setups for my notebook: one in the office and one at home. They're similar in some ways, but never exactly the same.

Basic hardware

Desk @ home

Desk @ work


Web applications